Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Veterinary Medicine

cheesoning: mostly border collie, some terrier
cheesoning: I call him shitler when the wife is not home
Niteowl: i do love mutts
Niteowl: they are, on average, healthier and smarter than pure breeds
chundo: yeah i'm gettin' a mutt next time
chundo: fricking purebreds and their bone and joint problems
Niteowl: yeah, things like that
chundo: did i mention that pumpkin needs a $3200 surgery?
Niteowl: HOLY shit.
chundo: yeah, the jury's still out on how much we like her
cheesoning: that's evil, chundo
chundo: she tore her ACL
chundo: or whatever they call that ligament in dogs
Niteowl: no more football ?
chundo: so, painful arthritis within 2 years, or $3200 less for me.
cheesoning: chundo, cheaper to go tripod, maybe?
cheesoning: EQUALLY EVIL

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