Monday, June 29, 2009

Group Editing

ralph: (supposed to be reading draft software EULA critically)
liquidindian: Critically?
liquidindian: Just send it back with PISH scrawled on it.
liquidindian: That's quite critical.
Niteowl: or "Really?"
Niteowl: or "Language needs tightening up"
liquidindian: Haha. That's a good one.
Niteowl: or circle a bunch of things randomly and write "Clarification, please."
liquidindian: tl;dr
Niteowl: at the end, yeah
spruce: arrows with angry red question marks
spruce: <-----????
ralph: yes minister--someone wrote on a memo "round objects"
ralph: and the oxbridge civil servant wrote back "who is Round and to what does he object?"
ralph: the EULA leaves many important questions unanswered.
ralph: need further review.
ralph: some provisions are a bit aggressive and we can expect pushback.
bigjimslade: perhaps a second look at the semantics is warranted
spruce: Or break out the black sharpie and redact 90% of the text

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