Monday, June 29, 2009


ralph: when I'm low I like to put on a headband and pretend I'm Mario van Peebles being a badass neon-clad rockstar while off duty in the movie Heartbreak Ridge
cheesoning: that remind you of how good you have it?
ralph: quiet man, I'm ROCKING OUT
cheesoning: as in "I'm so glad I'm not really like this"?
cheesoning: I'm Clint Eastwood.
ralph: I'm the major, Annapolis class of 76.
ralph: Supply, sir.
ralph: thanks a lot for the 40 year old doctor exam thing.
Faux Real: hippie?
Faux Real: you been freeze dried or doing hard time, ain't no hippie been around here for years!
ralph: goddamnit
ralph: cheese, faux, jim, have soulful conversation about depression, ambition, college, dropping out--fuckin BEEN THERE man but I was away.
ralph: you're all my nillas.
cheesoning: word
cheesoning: get through all the rough stuff, finally feel a little settled and THEN a doctor checks your prostate.
cheesoning: balls
ralph: and only once! /niteowl
***Faux Real pounds chest twice, unclenches cheeks

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