Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tastes Like Bacon

cheesoning: My favorite regular breakfast now is 2 Phil's eggs, a small pile of meatless sausage crumbles, and cut up asparagus as an omelet.
cheesoning: damn.
cheesoning: now I'm hungry
itchy: me too
itchy: what the hell are meatless sausage crumbles?
liquidindian: Disappointing.
liquidindian: By the sounds of it,
cheesoning: no!
cheesoning: they are quite good
cheesoning: with the spices and some olive oil, it's difficult to tell the difference
itchy: soy?
cheesoning: I assume so
betaray: meatless sausage crumbles are made out of peeeeeeeeople!!
cheesoning: but the texture is right on, and the spices
cheesoning: so be it
cheesoning: people is delicious!
betaray: tastes like bacon!
itchy: if i was stuck on a mountain with nothing to eat except your frozen asses sticking out of the snow ... i'd still go hungry
itchy: bacon taste or not
betaray: you can't argue with the robots
itchy: especially meat eating ones
betaray: I heard that's what Terminator Salvation is all about, the machines realize we taste like bacon
cheesoning: man, that is the beginning of an excellent parody script
betaray: You could work in some good "bacon wrapped" jokes as well
liquidindian: Skynet became peckish on August 29th 1997 2:14 am Eastern Time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Huge, Thick, and Black

Katya: oh dear god
Katya: the video card is huuuuge
cheesoning: *envies Katya's huge gear
Katya: im gona post a pic of thisthing
bigjimslade: PICZ OF UR UNIT PLZ
cheesoning: pics or it doesn't exist
Katya: oh it exists and it will haunt your dreams
Katya: check that noise out
Katya: used photo booth so its backwards
cheesoning: oh, that's niiiiice.
Katya: its a monolith!
cheesoning: you know, if you have an extra bedroom, you could throw a set of sheets on it for when you have overnight guests
bigjimslade: wow damn
gordonfrohman: your card is so big
gordonfrohman: and thick
Katya: and black
gordonfrohman: I don't think it would fit into my port
gordonfrohman: bet it gets really hot
Katya: its pretty hard and study
Katya: i mean sturdy
betaray: I hear the ladies like study
betaray: that might not be too bad either
Katya: im afraid it might gain sentience if i install it
itchy entered the room.
itchy: that's a big mofo
betaray: Make sure you flash the bios with the upgraded 3 laws
betaray: they found that there were some bugs in the 3rd law in the release version
Katya: haha
itchy: does you video card have a monitor built in?
Katya: dear god it took over one of the pci slots
Katya: glad i only have one other pci slot
Katya: er device
itchy: $5 says your monitor goes kaput the second you boot up
cheesoning: I vote it grows legs and runs out of the room
cheesoning: "NO FUCKING WAY MAN"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sponge Bob Bloody Pants

itchy: this is great
betaray: that is classic
cheesoning: "now with MORE SODIUM" "Sweet Jesus"
itchy: ha, it gets better
betaray: yeah, once you get to the point where he's advertising Bean Lard Mulch, it becomes obvious that it's just a joke
cheesoning: awesomely meta ending
Niteowl: so very awesomely odd
Niteowl: i like the bats
Niteowl: oh wait. angry ticks
cheesoning: the one bat that hits the eye makes a great sound
bigjimslade: I AM A BANANA
Niteowl: he's got a lot of blood in that anus
cheesoning: had
betaray: Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what that little guy was, but all the evidence seems to indicate he's some kind of blood sponge with an anus

Don't Rile The Americans

liquidindian: Even an American could grasp that irony.
Niteowl: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
bigjimslade: OH SNAP
cheesoning: you son of a bitch

Thursday, May 14, 2009


liquidindian left the room (Disconnected).
bigjimslade: oh look your feminine wiles have thrown liquid into a tizzy
bigjimslade: or something
Katya: thats what i do
Katya: not much
Katya: went out to have lunch then got some jeans and stuff
Katya: exciting day
cpa-one: La vida loca
Katya: i hate shopping for clothes
Katya: do i need to turn my vagina back in
betaray: if it's sticking out then yeah, it need to be going in
Katya: i knew i shouldn't have held my breath
***betaray really find it hilarious to misinterpret things
***betaray can't type s today
itchy entered the room.
itchy: yikes
itchy: my pockets are no longer bulging with nuts
spruce: ...
betaray: that cult finally talked you into it eh?
betaray: next it's nikes and barbiturates in your pudding
itchy: whilst at 5 guys, i shoved about 3 fistfuls of peanuts into my pockets
itchy: another 3 minutes and it would have been the whole box
spruce: Dude! Didn't you read the peanut box? It says not to take their peanuts outside the restaurant! For health reasons! In case someone allergic to peanuts grabs your nuts!
itchy: is that why it's swelling up?
itchy: that is funny ... they're worried their nuts are a public health concern
Katya: which nuts?
Katya: come on come on come on
itchy: deez
Katya: WOO!
itchy: doze
itchy: dems
itchy: i wonder how long you could survive off free 5 guy nuts
Katya: i know you personally could live for days on nuts
bigjimslade: I'll take your word for it
itchy: i love 'em
betaray: I'm a bit of a nut fiend myself
itchy: can't keep them out of my mouth
itchy: they're quite salty
itchy: tho
betaray: yeah, salty nuts mmm mmm
betaray: too bad dried fruit isn't a euphemism, because I love to mix my nuts with some dried fruit

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Niteowl where's the start?
gordonfrohman top right
gordonfrohman moving down
gordonfrohman to KILLZONE ALPHA
Niteowl ahh
Niteowl killzone alpha, the least favourite drop zone for infantry

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

24/7 EARTH!!!

betaray: From my own point of view, I'm not particularly afraid of being dead
betaray: I don't want to suffer, and I would like to have as much fun as I can
bigjimslade: yeah
bigjimslade: I prefer avoiding it, but it holds no terror for me
bigjimslade: it's not like I am going to care once it happens
liquidindian: I like the interpretation that 'you know before you were born? It'll be like that'
bigjimslade: unless earth is one of those long-respawn seervers
betaray: yeah, that's what I tell people when they ask me
liquidindian: It's 24/7 Turbine.
Niteowl: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOoooooooooooooo
bigjimslade: heh
bigjimslade: If Sartre Was A Gamer
betaray: How do I get to the class selection screen?
liquidindian: Actually, the worst thing about life, is that it's a public server.
betaray: hehe
liquidindian: And there's no mute.
liquidindian: Alltalk is constantly on.
bigjimslade: and the admins are dicks
liquidindian: Ragequitting is frowned upon.
bigjimslade: but so is kicking
betaray: Camping spawn is totally out of the question though
bigjimslade: god knows we try
liquidindian: That 50% of the players are pyros creates some imbalance.
betaray: I'm not even sure what team I'm on
liquidindian: The one that's getting rolled.
bigjimslade: the UI and controls seem like it was just thrown together randomly
bigjimslade: and take a long time to get the hang of
liquidindian: It's fundamentally broken.