Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spam Controversy

Katya: what was the spam controversy
spruce: hey Katya
Katya: hi
spruce: I dunno. From what I could parse via twitter, someone new posted a link to some game, gemmy suspected it was spam and deleted it, and then it turned out to be legit.
Niteowl: RUH ROH!! it read like PR, though
Niteowl: from somenoe we don't really know
spruce: well hopefully gemmy ain't losing sleep over it
cheesoning: yeah, I told her to give the guy my e-mail address and we could sort it out offline.
cheesoning: by which I mean I'd tell him to fuck off unless he wanted to re-join nicely.
Niteowl: cheesoning: always the diplomat
chundo: so what did i miss now?
chundo: forum drama?
cheesoning: nah, Gemmy squashed it, then dude gave her some shit
cheesoning: it was a self-link, right? Looked like spam, she axed it, he recoiled, she's feeling guilty.
chundo: is he in chicago? i've got a 2x4 and a railroad spike
cheesoning: I've got a size 12 ready to extend...
cheesoning: SHOE

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