Tuesday, September 14, 2010

They All Hate Him There, Though

Katya: JD, you are so laid back
Katya: so when i read that i was like OH SHITS
Katya: you are the nicest guy in Nicetown


cheesoning GET A JOB, HIPPY
cheesoning: (Just kidding. Don't get one.)
stresstwig: i have a job, and that job is making adults jealous of my quickly dwindling leisure time.
stresstwig: but i only have one month of that left
stresstwig: so
stresstwig: this is why i am playing peggle at 1:40 on a tuesday.
cheesoning: fuck. I am an adult.
bigjimslade: stress: as an adult, allow me to just simply say: fuck you

Titan Quest : Berate + 3

Niteowl: but like, back in the day, when arcades were wild and fertile grounds for electromigonical elucucation and entermazements
Niteowl: a decent game would be a buck to play
Niteowl: so, yeah, 5 bcuks for a zombie driver game? SOLD!
Niteowl: you've now been fully elucidated on my digital game buying habits and mental process
Niteowl: when are we gonna quest with the titans, stresstwig?
stresstwig: right now
Niteowl: again, i mean
Niteowl: and you better not let me die
Niteowl: by right now, you mean this evening?
stresstwig: if you were on steam you would see me loading it up
stresstwig: and I keep telling you, don't attack things before I attack them
Niteowl: it's my job to berate you when i die from you incalculable incompetence
stresstwig: that's it, i'm switching to rogue
Niteowl: will, will that help you protect me better?
stresstwig: no
Niteowl: damnit man!
Niteowl: do i need to berate you MORE?
***stresstwig is now playing peggle deluxeNiteowl: i sure hope that levels up your defense skills in TQ

Debutante Ball

JDHarper - Laptop: Faux Real: I don't think I'm in a high enough caste to go to a deb ball
bigjimslade: I don't think I am of high enough caste to help cater one
Niteowl: i don't think i'm a high enough caste to serve the people who cater that
bigjimslade: actually I think we discussed you in that social circle once
Faux Real: this is a bunch of old people
Faux Real: twitches poison is his passive skill?
Faux Real: no wonder i hate twitch
bigjimslade: an excellent attempt at subject-changing!
Faux Real: it failed though
Faux Real: anyway, time to go be a stage hand
Faux Real: where i barely make enough to feed my self
Faux Real: you assholes
bigjimslade: have fun!
bigjimslade: and we are!
Faux Real left the room (Disconnected).
stresstwig: it's not our fault he won't get a steady job
stresstwig: /your mother
JDHarper - Laptop: it sounds like a good sitcom premise
JDHarper - Laptop: member of the austin software elite working blue collar work
JDHarper - Laptop: culture clash, hilarity ensues
Cyrano: catchiing up: the "secret" ingredient in the family chocolate chip cookie recipe is sour cream.
Cyrano: but you'd never know if someone didn't tell you.
stresstwig: say what
Niteowl: upsetting the cotillion so soon, Cyrano?
Niteowl: the rouge is hardly washed from your milky soft skin and high, haughty cheekbones

Southern Gentlemen Don't Downgrade

Faux Real: i get to wear tails
Faux Real: so i am happy
stresstwig: like that's any different from an average weekday for you
Faux Real: tails?
Faux Real: i don't own tails
stresstwig: yes
stresstwig: but if you did
stresstwig: you would be wearing them right now
Faux Real: well yeah


Faux Realz: well, the gay man who spent the night in my childhood bed is gone now, so i am going back to my apartment
Faux Realz: peace
Faux Realz left the room (Disconnected).
bigjimslade: there is so much that could be done with that sentence. And none of it good
cheesoning: it seems like some kind of trap
cheesoning BJS - let it ferment on its own.
cheesoning schizophrenia is sad. (Dammit, couldn't follow my own advice.)