Monday, June 29, 2009

Hoppy Frog!

Katya: hey chees
cheesoning: yo!
Faux Real: you have missed almost no ball talk
Faux Real: and a bit of jeff buckley
cheesoning: balls
cheesoning: I have a funny ball story
cheesoning: got an EKG at the behest of my wife the nurse
cheesoning: everything was fine with my heart and such
Katya: but your balls are terrrrible
liquidindian: You're going to feel really bad if they are, Katya.
cheesoning: doc asked if we were doing a regular checkup while I was there, too, so I said fine
cheesoning: he made her leave, then started to discuss what to look for in that general region
cheesoning: (I'm totally fine, katya - no worries)
Faux Real: man i am so good at testicular self exams
Katya: no i meant style wise
cheesoning: but he's like "if that happens, check above the left ball"
cheesoning: is "ball" a technical term?
cheesoning: I asked my wife afterward and she didn't think so
bigjimslade: he just has a good bedside manner
liquidindian: It's "spods".
cheesoning: he's an awesome doctor, yeah
cheesoning: he also said "well, you're not 40 yet, so we don't have to take the next step in our relationship." (referring to a prostate exam)
bigjimslade: heheheh
bigjimslade: also, damnit. I need to schedule my physical, and now I *am* 40
cheesoning: ha, no hoppy frog at the doctor's office.

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