Tuesday, June 30, 2009


ralph: my real job title is unemployed. or mediocre boyfriend.
ralph: flaneur.
ralph: niteowl: google flaneur.
ralph: leave me alone.
Niteowl: i know i called you NYer and all, but no need to break out the french
Faux Real: it is like a spanish crem brule, right?
ralph: my most fauxrealish RL friend uses it to describe why he spends all his time hanging out in coffee bars
Niteowl: HAH
Niteowl: just call him a hipster and be done with it
Faux Real: you know who else walked around in cities a lot?
Faux Real: thats right
Niteowl: are you quoting Camus?
Niteowl: Albert Camus, of existential fame?
Niteowl: becuase.
Niteowl: HOLY SHIT
Niteowl: i just got a Faux Ralph reference
Niteowl: without the intertrontubes
ralph: Sartre said that a man walking next to a cliff is afraid not because he will fall, but because he will jump: he is drawn to the unequivocal act
ralph: read that in xkcd
Faux Real: he also said hell is other people
Niteowl: he's batting 500
Faux Real: not a happy dude
Niteowl: to think clearly about things is not to be happy
Niteowl: and Poe said the Imp of the Perverse will compel you to jump
Niteowl: and Brad, the Jr. CGA from accounts receivable with the thinly researched Maori Tatoo and Honda CRV with "Offroad Package", says you'll jump because it's XTreeeme
bigjimslade: No Exit is by far one of my favorite plays, which should say something about me
Faux Real: i like the flies
Faux Real: it is very funny
Niteowl: the fact that you HAVE a favourite play says already too much about you, bigjimslade
bigjimslade: heh
bigjimslade: misspent portion of my career in theater
Niteowl: i quite liked Rosentcrantz and Guildenstern are dead
ralph: french speaking wine sipping faux-populist havanese-stroking canadian baboon
Faux Real: at least it isn't glass menagerie
Faux Real: (although TOS is the best)
bigjimslade: I like the play, but I've seen it produced by far too many half-assed companies that it kinda got spoiled for me
Niteowl: HEY HEY HEY you blue-collar-striving board-sitting afternoon-champagn- sipping Philosophy 10- Philosopher-quoting lawyer-self-hating hockey-playing disco-pyromaniacal sycophant! EASY with the slander!
ralph: the bad movie of rosencran.... has one brilliant scene
ralph: tim roth sees one of these things made of string and wood and coconuts http://delivery.gettyimages.com/xd/653-61.mov?c=NewsMaker&d=9B6C5E9A385F67CC96957F4222AC7872&k=2&v=1
ralph: pulls one ball back, lets it go...
ralph: ...and it stops dead when it hits the next ball, cracks and sand spills out
ralph: the other balls don't move
bigjimslade: there's another movie version?
bigjimslade: worth mentioning?
ralph: sorry
ralph: the poorly-executed, beautifully cast movie version
Niteowl: for those of us not in Theatre, it's the only one we've seen
***Niteowl clears throat
***Niteowl points at mullet
Faux Real: i think my mom filmed my version
bigjimslade: yeah I loved Dreyfuss in it, but didn't enjoy the movie
Faux Real: you mean the hangover?

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