Monday, February 22, 2010

Peddy Infractions

ralph: I illegally drove a saab the first night I got laid
ralph: an old maroon 70s one
ralph: Oh, the "illegal" part had something to do with my passenger and state lines.
ralph: not a drivers license problem.
ralph: shrug.

Worst. Dominoes. Promotion. Ever.

it©hy: this made me think of ralph for some reason
it©hy: you can take that any way you like
cheesoning: oh, and you can get a lab coat and goggles here:
betaray: I do own a lab coat and goggles
betaray: so that's doable
ralph: jesus fuck itchy exactly.
ralph: I'm not exactly clothed here
ralph: apart from my lab coat and goggles
bigjimslade: well at least you are wearing that robe
betaray: and wizard's hat
ralph: and I got a pizza on my junk
cheesoning: HOT SAUCE
bigjimslade: that's a pretty small slice
stresstwig: i see what you did thar
betaray: that's called a herpes canker ralph

Spread The Warmth!

ralph: new topic should be "and not wearing my "sittin' around, pissin'" pants."
cheesoning: they're made of gauze.

There Are Children In Uzbekistan Who Can't Even Get Fallout 2, Mister, You FINISH What You Have On Your Harddrive!

gordonfrohman: I kinda just don't want to buy any more games right now
gordonfrohman: have too much to play
it©hy: i almost rented army of two last night, but then had the same thought
bigjimslade: I just realized I'm in the same boat, my old computer was the one that had ME on it, and the mobo is dead on that one. I might just play it through once first before getting me2
liquidindian: Same here. Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, and DoWII suddenly became playable.
gordonfrohman: gotta finish Dirt 2 so I can go and complete GTA so I can learn to play Bloodbowl so I can get back to playing L4D until I have enough time for TF2
gordonfrohman: don't want to pile ME2 and Bioshock 2 on there right now
gordonfrohman: on the other hand, I don't want those games spoiled for me before they go on sale

Current Events : D&D, Prisons, Reality

gordonfrohman: D&D not allowed in prison because it promotes gang activity
spruce: I read that, and then on a gamer site I read a forum post by a prison guard gamer who has observed some of the prisoners he watches over play pen and paper rpgs.
cheesoning: right, then they fashion a shiv from soap.
chundo: +4 shiv of destiny
spruce: Which, you know, sounds kind of cool at first until the guard talked about how the pedophiles go into lurid detail about their characters' sexual encounters.
cheesoning: well, what would you expect from a convicted, imprisoned pedophile?
spruce: well exactly
spruce: it takes you from an abstract image of generic inmates playing dnd to the very specific reality of what's going on.

No, See, The Others Were Joking, Betaray

Faux Real: do you understand the internet?
liquidindian: Who, me?
Faux Real: i have no idea how i can get 900 kb/s off of an ftp but browsing is slow as hell
liquidindian: Ah, that'll be due to protocol throttling.
Faux Real: i'll throttle something
liquidindian: I just made that up.
liquidindian: Sounded good, didn't it?
Cyrano: you're probably routing your browser packets incorrectly via WINS.
liquidindian: Try flashing your BIOS over the router firmware to increase throughput.
Cyrano: reboot.
Faux Real: error between chair and keyboard?
betaray: I think it has to do with latency, each time you request a directory you open a new connection for data, which can be extra slow if you're NAT'd and have to use PASSV mode.

Not Exactly A Rallying Cry.

bigjimslade: and STO, too. I got my cruiser, and was rampaging around the galaxy kicking alien ass
bigjimslade: I assume it was an ass anyhow, it was in that area
bigjimslade: but aliens? kicked somewhere


Cyrano: then he said something about hot sauce.
stresstwig: "wtf is this bullshit now i have to go remove the hot sauce from the jd shrine wall"
stresstwig: which has a closet for all of our bodies
bigjimslade: that explains a lot actually
cheesoning: I have a proposition
cheesoning: there's a hot sauce called "Ass In the Tub"
cheesoning: I move that we exchange the use of "hot sauce" with "ass in the tub"
Cyrano: use in a sentence plz.
stresstwig: I would like to table this motion
stresstwig: and then move to light the table, and motion, on fire
cheesoning: so, for example:
Cheesoning: that shit was ass in the tub!

Niteowl: that shit ain't hot sauce
Niteowl: and you all share the same unnumbered Store-IT! Container, actually
stresstwig: what's a store-it container
jdharper: it's like a shipping container
Cyrano: ass in the tub.
cheesoning: sweet - it's catching on.


cheesoning: well, I would break the ice by putting my dong in his mashed potatoes. No innuendo there, just a dick in the spuds.
stresstwig: heh, dick in the spuds
stresstwig: i love you and your crazy innuendoes
cheesoning: innuendongs

Could Be

liquidindiantoo: What the hell is 'precalculus'?
cheesoning: I had one removed from my inner thigh just last year. It's like a skin tag.

Commitment Is Waterproof.

jdharper: Oh yeah. It was just pouring down rain and our patio's drain couldn't cope with it
bigjimslade: ah ok
jdharper: Water was leaking into one room of the house and I had to man the wet vac
bigjimslade: oh, that is definitely more fun than playing l4d2, I can get behind that
bigjimslade: glad it was ok though, seemed a bit scary when you bolted
jdharper: I thought about that afterwards
jdharper: I was just in a hurry
cheesoning: did you say something like "aw shit - gotta bail."
stresstwig: i think it was something like "gotta go house is flooding"
cheesoning: and everyone thought you were pissed but you really meant bail?
bigjimslade: and we all were just worried and hoping everything was ok
bigjimslade: niteowl was all "WTF IS THAT BULLSHIT"

Game Stores

spruce: Wife and I were killing time, waiting for a movie to start, so we went across the parking lot from the theatre into a gaming store. The whole place was wall-to-wall wargames being played. Those fuckers take up a lot of space.
spruce: the people playing were sadly stereotypical
spruce: storefront window, great view of a rather rotund man's expansive buttcrack as he was bending over to retrieve something.
spruce: and it smelled pretty ripe in there.
stresstwig: i think "meaty" is the preferred term
spruce: rotund sounds classier
Cyrano: and it's called "musk" and real men have it.
chrisd: sen-sa-ti-hi-ive
spruce: and there was only one woman in there besides my wife, and that woman looked like someone's mom
Katya: the gaming store we go to there are a few women but they are usually playing rpgs with a bucnh of people
Katya: lots of old virginian men
Katya: playing complicated board games
Katya: wearing suspenders
chrisd: the one I go to is filled (employees and customers alike) with goths
liquidindian: We have a man called Adam who has gone beyond wearing anything but sweat pants and won't play anything but Race for the Galaxy.
spruce: he's evolved past the need for basic fashion sense!
spruce: galactic conquest does not allow for such frivolity!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Black Hole

Cyrano@home: there's a giant black hole on my facebook's friends page where High School should be.
Cyrano@home: because, really, fuck all those people.
Cyrano@home: (which is what I hope all those asswipes fell into)
Niteowl: so
Niteowl: football captain, homecoming king, all that for you, eh?
Cyrano@home: you forgot class president and nailing the whole cheerleading squad.
itchy: cyrano was voted "most likely to come back and kill us all"
cheesoning: most likely to remove weatherbug from our PCs.
cheesoning: (same thing, really)
Niteowl: Least likely to join a Frat
Niteowl: Most likely to manufacture pipes bombs and test them in the gym.
itchy: that's why you don't have metal shop before gym class


bigjimslade: I was actually surprised to see how many guys I knew form high school sought me out
bigjimslade: that's probably why we didn't have shop
bigjimslade: or gym class for that matter
itchy: really?
bigjimslade: really
itchy: how did that happen?
cheesoning: it explains a lot
itchy: i was always horrified in junior high school that i would have to shower with other kids
cheesoning: were you taught English in a shack nestled in the Adirondacks?

You Only Got Four Minutes

bigjimslade: after this weekend, though, I think I need to arrange for an "accident" to befall my wife's cell phone camera
bigjimslade: far too many images of me permeating the intrawebs nowadays
cheesoning: have her put it in my wife's purse. That thing is like a blender.
cheesoning: (none of that was code, for the record.)
itchy: well if that WAS code, i'm not putting anything into something that behaves like a blender
Cyrano@home: how about a horse eating a sugarcube?
chrisd: then you have a sweet, smoothly blended horse!
Cyrano@home: I clearly fucked that setup up.
chrisd: even failure took me four minutes

Manhood, For One

Niteowl: liquidindian: i concur, haggis is quite nice. keep in mind i also eat tripe and chicken feet.
Niteowl: black pudding is awesome too
cheesoning: bleh
cheesoning: it's like skydiving. Sure, I could try it, and I probably won't die, but what will I have gained?

So Would We All

Cyrano: some ex-Playmate was found dead in her trailer park home over the weekend.
itchy: i'd love to see what your rss feed looks like cyrano

Free Me From Decision

itchy: cheese, recommend something new
cheesoning: computers, lunch, or music?

It's Universal

itchy: does it taste like scrapple?
itchy: because i LOVE scrapple
bigjimslade: nonono, scrapple is tres magnifique
liquidindian: What about black pudding?
spruce: you can't spell scrapple without 'crap'!
bigjimslade: haggis tastes like roast boiled lung without the joy of, well, whatever joy you can find there
spruce: which is the one made from possums?
spruce: chitlins?

Shopping At Dockers Outlets Isn't A Feat Of Staggering Originality

ralph: can anyone tell me why there were three people dressed alike atthe SFO meetup?
ralph: is it something I'd have to leave my house to understand?
itchy: do you mean, why aren't they in stained sweat pants and flip flops?
itchy: the 3 people dressed alike are also sucking their thumbs it would appear
Cyrano: they part of the West Coast Infantile Mr. Roger's Impersonator's Guild.
ralph: yeah, actually, come to think of it we were all dressed the same too
itchy: it's funny how you can form an image in your mind of someone you've never met
ralph: cargo shorts. T-shirts.

Tea, Same Thing

spruce: I aaaaalmost had black and white pudding in Ireland, but just couldn't bring myself to do it
spruce: since it was a standard breakfast thing, it was always on offer
spruce: I think if I was there a couple days longer, I would've broken down and tried it.
spruce: just out of sheer culinary boredom. There's a lot to be said about Ireland and it's a great and wonderful place, but man, the food was boring as hell.
liquidindian: Heh. There's a reason we've embraced Indian food in the British Isles.


itchy: ew
liquidindian: Imagine crying for 20 years over a wee bit of sheeps lung. Fucking poofs.
spruce: try not to cry too much over your plate. The salt of your joy-tears might curdle the offal.

A Dare Google

liquidindian: Hey, I'll be able to see sprays properly now.
spruce: what did you see before?
itchy: you could even animate YOUR OWN dancing kittehs
liquidindian: Think of all that free pornography on public servers I was missing out on.
liquidindian: It was very low-res.
Cyrano: you'll never forget your first meatspin.

If I Can't Blame 'Bullshit Hit Detection', Then Screw It.

liquidindian: So I tried Mirror's edge.
itchy: did you get sick?
liquidindian: No.
liquidindian: But for me it's a falling-off-a-building simulator.
liquidindian: I like it, though.
liquidindian: It feels like my fault when I fall, which is important.

Not Quite Nihilist

betaray: drowning isn't supposed to be that bad
itchy: according to who?
betaray: after a moment of panic you get euphoric
itchy: eh, i don't know
itchy: but i'd take it over burning i suppose
Cyrano: that's just drowning lobby propaganda.
betaray: burning, or being eaten alive by bugs have to be at the bottom
itchy: yeah, eaten alive would SUCK
itchy: alligator
Cyrano: don't forget buried alive.
itchy: bear
spruce: a bunch of weasels
betaray: marmots
itchy: awwww
itchy: nibble nibble
itchy: they'd almost tickle you to death
Cyrano: posing marmot is... posing...
itchy: on second thought
spruce: don't cross the marmot
betaray: that does look pretty fearsome
betaray: you can tell he believes in nothing
itchy: that cold rock is all he has

Insert "Life Of Brian" Reference

liquidindian: I tried the book.
liquidindian: Gave up.
Cyrano: I got about 150 pages in.
Cyrano: Felt I got the Dune-iness out of it and kinda put it down for other stuff.
Cyrano: the same thing is kinda happening with Perdido Street Station.
spruce: you're going to break niteowl's heart
spruce: I said I liked but didn't love that book and he nearly stabbed me in the face.
Cyrano: China Melville?
Niteowl: Cyrano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cyrano: here we go...
Niteowl: i saved you some time, i stabbed myself in the face

Doesn't Make Sense With Hindsight, Either.

spruce: And ralph linked some crazy 2012 forum. Trying to resist perusing it, and failing
betaray: my plans for today are: go to class, nap, ????, profit
itchy: ???? = win lottery?
betaray: maybe, I'll have to clarify that with the underpants gnomes

Empire Of The Bat

Faux Real: when i read it i replaced Jim Graham with Christian Bale
Faux Real: i guess i am glad i didn't read it recently
Cyrano: you seem to be in a snotty "Of course I didn't see the movie, I read the book!" phase.
Faux Real: then he would be batman
Cyrano: Batman wouldn't take shit from the Japs.
Cyrano: althought he's probably eat weevils.
Faux Real: kid batman might
Cyrano: so we have a reboot of Batman where, instead of the Joker, a sadistic Japanese general kills Batman's parent's in from of him, and he batarang's his way across the Far East during WWII>
Faux Real: don't forget him yelling "CADILLAC OF THE SKIES!!!!"

Dirt 2 : Car Talk

Niteowl: which cars did you get in dirt2?
gordonfrohman: I think I have almost all of them now
gordonfrohman: can I name them? no
gordonfrohman: but they go really fast

FB Birthday Prank : The Hidden Victims

spruce: Is it really your birthday, ralph? If so, have an enjoyable, relaxing day full of goodness and delight. If not, go fuck yourself with an auger.

But she ain't messin' with no broke

Cyrano@home: you start daydreaming about being a filthy rich Republican and this is where the internet takes you:
itchy: i don't know ... i think it's going to backfire
ralph: cyr--I have that fantast all the time
ralph: then I wonder whether I can get broadand there
Cyrano@home: sadly, I was wondering the same thing.
Cyrano@home: peace, serenity, tranquility and... dialup?!?!
Cyrano@home: FUCK THAT!
itchy: is she part of the package?
Cyrano@home: If you can afford the island you can afford the girl, I'll wager.


Cyrano@home: oh, look it's a VERY NSFW of said sex!
itchy: no, that would be horrible
itchy: what's going on under the towel there?
Cyrano@home: he's recently paralized in the movie, so i'm assuming she's trying to be sensitive to his newly dead loins.
Niteowl: 'newly dead loins', wow, that's a buzzkill
betaray: too close to home?
Niteowl: i'm sure whatever fetish Helen has in that movie is the equivalent of bisexuality to necrophliacs

Custom Rig

liquidindian: YES ITS HERE
liquidindian: WOOOO
chrisd: is that the last bit, liquidindian ?
liquidindian: It is.
spruce: now what?
liquidindian: Now I make it, once I get home.
liquidindian: SQUEEE
chrisd: excellent
spruce: now X-com is going to look AWESOME
liquidindian: I wonder if I'll notice the difference going from a 128MB card to a 1GB card.
chrisd: heh. no, not a bit.
gordonfrohman: yeah, reality is totally going to look like shit now
gordonfrohman: Stupid real world! Why can't you look more like fake game world!
Niteowl: Why can't more random 13 year olds call me a n00b fag!?
Katya: n00b fag
betaray: fag n00b
spruce: f00g nab

What Does That Say About Hipsters?

itchy: it's a self-portrait of your cock, isn't it?
itchy: oh yeah, i like that one
itchy: ugly cock you have there
itchy: nice of you to not title it Swedish Troll
spruce: they're all about the trolls over there
spruce: I've drawn other trolls, so I had to differentiate
Niteowl: you should put a buncha guys in glasses on the trail, yelling loudly, and the troll eating the words, then title it 'dont' feed the trolls', then make a million dollars on threadless
Katya: caching
Katya: actually i wonder if that isn't ironic enough
Katya: put the troll in a trucker hat
Katya: THEN threadless might be interested
spruce: the pun needs to be ten times more horrible and awkwardly rendered

From Writing Correspondence.

spruce: I shouldn't have stayed up as late as I did. Think I'm getting a cold.
spruce: And I played too long, so I ended up with 'bachelor's wrist'


greens: currently cock blocked: solium infernum - just looks like something I'm not smart enough to enjoy. neptunes pride - same. Don't give a fuck about digital distribution deals. D&D - rather give myself a handjob
ralph: sure, who wouldn't?
greens: a katya style handjob
greens: all nails
ralph: aargh
Katya: haha
ralph: why does she have TEETH THERE

There Is No "F" In INTJ

ralph: niteowl
niteowl: JESUS ppl
niteowl: wtf is this ralph
ralph: procedurally generated tiny file-size 3d environments
ralph: I thought you liked that sort of thing
***ralph chokes back tear
niteowl: uhm
niteowl: ok?

One Two Punch Combo Of Macho

chrisd: I slacked off and waited for my car parts to arrive this morning, then installed 'em and came to work
chrisd: had an ignition coil die the other day
cheesoning: that's a busy morning!
Cyrano@home: so you came in here to make about half the chatroom feel less like men for having to Google "ignition coil"?
chrisd: then i had a spot of tea.
chrisd: feel better?
cheesoning: is that hard to get to in a BMW?
chrisd: in my car it's about 45 min: take off cabin air filter (4 torx), take off ignition cover (8 acorn nuts), then tool-less removal of coils (I did plugs too), then reinstall
chrisd: could be a lot easier, but at least the sparkplug holes stay clean, since they're under a cover
niteowl: OKOK jesus we feel girly enough

I Still Think This

ralph: I've gotten beaten up for my anorak after asking in a loud american voice where the bathroom is
bigjimslade: that's Trainspotting, right?
bigjimslade: ah there
ralph: I recall being really self-congratulatory after seeing that in theater in 93
ralph: like "Man, am I edgy."


cheesoning: now I'm in the bathroom because of the terrible diarrhea pizza hut and taco bell give me.
stresstwig: no!
Katya: cheesoning!
spruce: thecombinationpizzahuttacobell
cheesoning: pshh. Hasn't stopped me yet.
cheesoning: quite the opposite.
spruce: is 'pshh' the sound you've been making in the bathroom?
cheesoning: that's pretty close
itchy: ahhh, pshh it
stresstwig: probably has less liquids more glottals

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Not Sure About The Rest, But The Last One, Definitely.

gordonfrohman: I'm confused at this whole light-skinned blacks vs. dark-skinned blacks categorization thing
gordonfrohman: this seems to be popping up a lot lately
gordonfrohman: I don't think we need to divide people up any further than we already do
gordonfrohman: I wonder if there's any light-skinned blacks who are racist against dark-skinned blacks
gordonfrohman: also, I just realized racism is super dumb
gordonfrohman: that person is a different color. I hate them!
gordonfrohman: could you find anything lamer to hate someone for
gordonfrohman: when there are so many better reasons to hate someone
Niteowl: it's in a lot of cultures
Niteowl: dark skinned indians and Freddie Mercury
Niteowl: cantonese and north chinese
Niteowl: consolers and pc gamers
Niteowl: pokemon and Magic : The Gathering

Worst Viral Ever.

stresstwig entered the room.
stresstwig: WTFFFF
stresstwig: hey dudes
stresstwig: i'm installing windows 7
stresstwig: it's like peeing a rainbow
stresstwig: terrifying and fantastic
stresstwig: uh oh
stresstwig: i just realized 64 windows 7 asks for 2 gigs of ram
stresstwig left the room.

But When Monty Python Does It It's A Bloody Classic, HUH?

greens: Fuck, I remember being sent to bed in the 70's wyhen 'Helter Skelter' came on.
greens: First time we were told to LEAVE THE ROOM
greens: for a fucking tv show.
stresstwig: before that, it was just a your choice?
stresstwig: "boy, your mom and I are about to get it on, the choice is yours."
greens: That's another story
Niteowl: either leave the room or man the camcorder
Niteowl: either way, stop making so much noise

I'm Getting Skin Cancer From My CRT, So No, It DOESN"T EVEN OUT MACHO MAN.

greens: SO. I'm returning some water pumps yesterday to our local rental place. And I see they have the whole shop cleaned out and a structure in place - indoors. Tree stumps laying around. Shit here and there. Boxes with ramps. I ask the guy what's up? And he tells me he belongs to a 'Trials riding club' and they meet there and have these build/ride parties. Looks crazy, but I was invited to the next one. Will video tape and to youtube with it. pics follow.
betaray: I didn't know trials 2 was based on a true story
greens: bike is like 100 lbs
chrisd: the bikes are crazy!
chrisd: and the gearing is so absurdly low
greens: am excited
betaray: yeah, I bet it will be pretty cool
Niteowl: jesus, even when you go return water pumps you have a goddamn adventure, greens
greens: Yeah the rest of the time I get to scoop muck out of a pond though. It equals out.

Jim's Horrible Secret? Rockwellian Family Life

Niteowl: got some sacharine as hell xmas pics
Niteowl: i'll just post them to greens, he can withstand the insulin shock
spruce: because the rest of us are dead inside and can't understand the joy of parenthood?
spruce: jim's got kids!
Cyrano: but he is dead inside.
spruce: sure he has them locked up in the tool shed and feeds them toenail clippings...
Cyrano: that's good ruffage.


stresstwig: i'm not spending the last 5 hours of my night waiting for jamie to hump your couch
Cyrano: ...
Faux Real: man i knew there was some better way of selling that
stresstwig: cyrano gets it
spruce: and what will you do with this 'family' of yours?
stresstwig: probably go out and get drinks and food.
Cyrano: then gut Sharon Tate.

The Sad Side Of Android Friends

stresstwig: also, i have your microphone
Faux Real: bring it
stresstwig: not coming
Faux Real: for boardgames
stresstwig: family times
***Faux Real powers down in sadness

Artists Are Weird

stresstwig: stealing all of your ideas with tracing paper
spruce: Thomas Kincade?
stresstwig: yes.
Katya: that would be an artnemesis
stresstwig: soon you will see your drawings grazing in the yards of snowy houses
stresstwig: lit up like they were on fire.
Katya: he paints with light... and SEETHING JEALOUSY
spruce: I'd like to see that, actually

Dirt 2 Actually Says Your Depressingly Common Name

chrisd: it'd be slick of they had it hooked up to amazon's mechanical turk so it'd be added to the game eventually
Niteowl: be awesome to hear some hip Gen-X eXtreme drving dude talking then have YOUR name inserted by a bored 51 year old house wife from Connecticut

All Telescopes Are Black, Aren't They?

person2: here, just snapped a quick shot [ Picture of a rather large consumer telescope ]
gordonfrohman: wow
person2: it's slightly smaller than the hubble
spruce: do you ever catch your wife looking at it longingly?
person2: i caught her dangling upside down from it like a pole dancer, yes spruce
person2: it would appear i am overcompensating for something

Take Em Down From The Inside!

ordonfrohman: I need a pee bottle at my desk
gordonfrohman: gotta pee but I'm too lazy to walk down the hall
chrisd: note to gordonfrohman: do not use empty whiskey bottle for that.
chrisd: use your boss'
bigjimslade: that's dedication to your craft

Most Of That Title Is An Actual Book.

Katya: they should make a jane austen mmo
bigjimslade: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Dragons

W1n5t0n Church1ll Will Be Soooo Disappointed.

jdharper: MMO's and RPG's seem to occupy completely different places for me.
jdharper: Single player RPG's are all about immersion
jdharper: And you don't get that when your compatriots have digits in their names

Roadmap To Ashley Judd

Cyrano@home: roger ebert twitters about that movie she's in with The Rock --> Me remembers that movie she did with Luke Perry where she barely wore a shirt --> Me remembers she did lots of said movies --> GIS.
Cyrano@home: just to illustrate the thought proccess.
Cyrano@home: oh, and --> post here.
person1: oh i see the problem here ... safe search is set to "moderate"
person1: fixed!
person1: HELLO

I Mean, Did You HEAR His American Accent?

Katya: ang lee's sense and sensibility is on, seriously one of my favorite movies
Niteowl: wait, is that the one with Hans Gruber?
Katya: yes its the one with alan rickman
Katya: and kate winslet
Katya: and emma thompson
it©hy: mmmm
it©hy: i'll let you decide which of those three the "mmmmmm" was for
Niteowl: hans
Niteowl: always for hans

Why The Rush To Have Two?

it©hy: did some late night drunk amazon shopping
it©hy: at 2 am

Just Like Kalashnikovs, Everywhere.

Cyrano@home: So does anyone else remember when Ashely Judd was in everything and always took her top off?
Cyrano@home: Good times.
Niteowl: none of us remember being in your erotic dreams, Cyrano@home, no.
Niteowl: ditto with the lascivious clown squid
Cyrano@home: Dude, she was, like, in a million movies back in the day.
Cyrano@home: I've seen her nipples more than I've seen mine.
bigjimslade: I've seen her nipples more than I have seen yours as well
Cyrano@home: check your spam folder.
it©hy: are those the photos of cyrano posing with firearms in the nude?
bigjimslade: nnnnnnooooomaaybe
Niteowl: he can ak my 47 any day
Niteowl: did i do it right?
it©hy: no


ralph: I just flailed around this space last week for my revised win partition so I'm current without being knowledgable
spruce: just like most people in the high tech industry!
ralph: social networking !
ralph: Web 3.0!
ralph: I wanna drive eyeballs throughput co-laterally

Not If His Second Car Is The General Lee

Faux Real: rage
Faux Real: but effete and mildly indifferent rage
Faux Real: like a man who has been told his second car broke down

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


ralph: I did things in far cry 2 I'm not proud of
niteowl: that's saying something
liquidindian: Wanked off an ibex?