Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Niteowl: so, besides scotch, anything else?
Niteowl: a cat brush?
stresstwig: the guy kind of has everytihng
itchy: busi smokes pipe tobacco
Niteowl: oh does he?
itchy: yes
Niteowl: a pipe then?
itchy: well i was thinking tobacco
Niteowl: isn't that kinda personal? like.. ppl have tobacco preferences?
stresstwig: maybe some nice canadian cigarettes?
stresstwig: a fez?
stresstwig: set of shot-puts
stresstwig: a t-shirt with abe lincoln on it that says "just shoot me"
stresstwig: miniature croquet set
Niteowl: uhm
Niteowl: anyone besides absurd mccrazy have ideas?

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