Thursday, October 21, 2010


frohman: $25 for a horse. that is a crazy price point
Katya: yes
itchy: doesn't seem to be hurting sales
spruce: most of the horse is transparent, too, so it probably took half as long to create
Katya: they had to build the alternate dimension where the rest of the horse is though
itchy: it's not even a fucking unicorn
spruce: yeah, I can't believe how much they charged for that stupid thing
spruce: people is dumbralph: that's gonna be the title of my book on goldman
ralph: : it's not even a fucking unicorn
itchy: people is dumb HEY STEAM SALE
Katya: at least when you read about the amazing am ounts of money people put into that game you hear about corporate backstabbing and big space battles
Katya: WoW? My Little Pony!
itchy: speaking of horses, is anyone else getting the singles ad at the top?

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