Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Niteowl: so, what was the tweet?

itchy: Why didn't betaray ask that himself?
betaray: haha
betaray: 'cause he's lazy
betaray: but notice how he didn't say no
itchy: well i imagine he's wondering why it's being discussed
itchy: ralph tweeted to him about it just moments before
cheesoning: because itchy didn't want to wake betaray.
cheesoning: obviously.
cheesoning: he's so cute and peaceful when he sleeps...
itchy: we only have one iphone in bed and i don't like to share
betaray: and angry like bear when roused from post coital nap
cheesoning: later
cheesoning: gross
cheesoning: post coital is the least sexy euphemism ever.
betaray: Hey baby, how about you, me and a little coital action *wink*
cheesoning: jesus.
betaray: you're only encouraging me...

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