Saturday, October 23, 2010

You Have To Buy The Video To Find Out

 - Ralph: jesus fuck maggie oconnell is a conservative
 - Ralph:
 - Ralph: theres a buzzlkill
 - [OldF] Niteowl: fuck i know, right?
 - [OldF] Niteowl: i replied to your damn twitter thing
 - [OldF] Niteowl: she was almost indecently hot in the day
 - Ralph: no wai that was actually her?
 - Ralph: NO WAI
 - [OldF] Niteowl: yes. yes it was.
 - [OldF] Niteowl: it was my very very very first thought
 - Ralph: two
 - Ralph: two
 - Ralph: two workouts in one
 - Ralph: (why did they say two three times)
 - Ralph: (and why is a prayer a workout)

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