Wednesday, October 20, 2010


monitron: I don't feel like age is a liability in this field, as long as you stay up to date and don't "harden in your ways," so to speak
Niteowl: true
Niteowl: and of course, if you do hardcore C++ and or firmware + assembly, greybearding can give you that certain degree of charming hermitage that is so needed in arcane pursuitsGemmy: EVERY AFTERNOON!! :)
ralph: just wait monitron
ralph: your ways get hardenedralph: even if you vow it will never happen
ralph: at some point, a subtle series of transformations occurs
Niteowl: that's your T-zone, ralph, and just buy the Oil of Olay product already.
Niteowl: gawd.
monitron: i'm already feeling it
ralph: and you go from a guy who can sleep on the floor of a departures lounge in a third world airport
Cyrano: stop saying hardened.
ralph: to a guy who yells "WATCH YOUR MANNERS" at neighbors who are loudKatya: hardened

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