Wednesday, October 13, 2010


frohman well, my house in Porkton got robbed

Dignan Was this minecraft related?

frohman someone stole one of my bookshelves and replaced it with dirt

spruce haha. Robbed of what?

frohman it was funny
I had three shelves stacked up
they took the middle one and replaced it with a dirt block
like I wouldn't notice?

spruce I'd immediately suspect someone who just joined the community from MetaFilter, which I suppose is like being distrustful of the new immigrant family that moved in down the street

frohman so now my floor is made of gold and diamond blocks
we'll see how quickly those disappear
and when they do, the Frohman Detective Agency, Porkton Division, will open

spruce soon to become Boss Frohman, corrupt mayor of Porkton, in bed with the Mafia

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