Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hot Or Not

itchy: my stepfather was trying to tell me who had been kicked off of Dancing with the Stars last night, but couldn't really describe them ... I said, "was it the tall dark and handsome guy?" ... he furrowed his brow and gave a look like something smelled bad and said, "Uh, I don't notice that sort of thing"
itchy: and for a brief moment, i questioned my own sexuality
Niteowl: then settled on 'definitely bisexual'
liquidindian: He's the one watching Dancing with the blimmin' Stars, for crying out loud.
itchy: i like to think i'm comfortable enough with my straightness, that i can look at a guy and tell you if he's good looking
Niteowl: and if that takes a subscription to a rather blue site, and for said man to be unclothed, then SO BE IT
itchy: but then again ... maybe i do have a bit o' the gay in me
itchy: who knows
Cyrano: do you want some?
itchy: maybe?

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