Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's The Wonder Years All Over Again

Niteowl: so, when my dad phones, which is never/rarely, he has this thing where he insists awkward ass pauses in his conversation. much like how he talks face to face 
Niteowl: it might be he's filling his pipe, driving very very slowly across lanes, or whatever.
Niteowl: in anycase, now i just let a relatively REASONABLE amount of time pass (for someone who has spent his life trying to interact with other humans in a civil manner), then just hang upNiteowl: invariably the phone rings again, this time with my mother on line
Niteowl: just trying to make teh oncoming traffic slow downcheesoning: Niteowl - here's what happens in the interim: "I don't know what happened. YOU TALK TO HIM."

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