Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Double Dog Dare

stresstwig: i'll do it beta
itchy: if you don't i will
betaray: thanks
betaray: go for it
stresstwig: go ahead itchy
itchy: you called my bluff
stresstwig: this one is more in your ballpark
itchy: HEY
stresstwig: what
stresstwig: that's a compliment
itchy: dunno
stresstwig: i think.
itchy: thanks?
stresstwig: you're welcome
stresstwig: dick.
itchy: ha
niteowl: wow, this is so much better than the conversations we have in person
betaray: it's also harder for me to come in like 5 minutes late with a joke
betaray: that's why I love chat
stresstwig: no YOU'RE AN AN IRAN-CONTRA

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