Friday, October 8, 2010

There's Just So Much Less Typing, is all.

frohman    I always lose a little respect for people when they start writing stuff for children
TMBG, steve martin, terry pratchett
Katya    dr seuss
frohman    shel silverstein
Katya    marquis de sade
frohman    that dude used to write some supremely dirty shit
frognuts    Dan Brown.
frohman    and then he want all weepy over a fucking tree
frognuts    is it brown? shot, i forgot that guys name
c. d.    Maurice Sendak. what a perv.
Ian Fleming
frohman    Hugh HefnerNiteowl    Charles Manson
frohman    Playboy for Kids is just lame
Sir Twig Shropshire    joyce.
Niteowl    The Economist

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