Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Work Etiquette

Virate If you were on the phone with your cousin, and a client came to your office, would you get off the phone with him, deal with them and call him back?
Virate  or let your coworker try to make smalltalk with them while you talk about family stuff that everyone can hear?
Niteowl "So it's impacted? what does that even me? I thought he couldn't poo."
twig just start dancing
twig everybody loves the worm
metamonk is he clueless or demonstrating priorities
Niteowl "Weeping.. cyst... Hold on, I've never heard those two word together"
metamonk Virate, and I know I seldom advise this: fart.
twig ask them how many marshmallows they think you can eat before you vomit
cheesoning "who wants a jaeger bomb?!"

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