Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elephant Promises

Katya i loved the ending of Book of Eli because thats when I could throw my hands up and scream "ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME?!"
spruce did it turn out that he was black at the end?Niteowl omfg SPOILER ALERT PLSE for a movie i'll nver watch
twig notice how nobody spoiled it.
(he's a leper)
i'm going to guess here
is he blind?
twig nopespruce I thought he was blind based on the previews
twig oh, wait.
i meant yes.
spruce what with the sunglasses
twig I watched it with my dad, and he was convinced that he wasn't blind. It was as though he could not accept a world in which a movie that terrible is made
spruce and at the end of the Kool Moe Dee video for Wild Wild West, it turned out he was blind after he took off his sunglasses
twig spruce you are like some sort of pop culture elephant that never forgetsspruce I'm just a creature of my time, possessing reams of knowledge and memories, all of them worthless.
you'll still remember the names of all the pokemon when you're 50 stress.

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