Wednesday, October 13, 2010

lucky swag: can't decide how I feel about Heather Graham.
itchy: i'll decide for you ... you'd love to bang her
lucky swag: so that covers about 8 minutes.
lucky swag: would there be anything to talk about later?
stresstwig: 8?
itchy: you can cuddle
stresstwig: lightweight
lucky swag: 6.5. Fine.
lucky swag: I'll think about baseball.
stresstwig: yeah
stresstwig: with your audio pass
lucky swag: you think she likes baseball?
itchy: picture lucky banging heather graham with headphones on
lucky swag: that would cut it down to 3.5, though.
itchy: and a jersey
stresstwig: giant foam finger
lucky swag: MINUTE 4.5 through 5.25.
stresstwig: this has gone to a terrifying place
itchy: not yet
lucky swag: WHAT?! oh wait, I'll turn down these imaginary headphones.
ralph: does she take off the rollerskates?
lucky swag: you tell me.
lucky swag: this whole idea disgusts me.
lucky swag: perverts.
bigjimslade: almost...there...
stresstwig: jim gets off on swag not getting off
stresstwig: somehow, this was a predictable thing
Cyrano: imagine her in here Austin Powers go-go outfit. that should finish you up.
ralph: jake maggie gyllenhaal and her husband and a baby were at the coffee bar next to my house
lucky swag: balls, that ruined it.
lucky swag: gah
lucky swag: "and a baby"

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