Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Exit Something, Anyways

monitron: eesh.. just had a call from my soon-to-be-ex-boss.. slightly awkward
Katya: was she weeping
Niteowl: did she insist you take back the ring?
monitron: no but she was a little bit "why? whyy????"
monitron: Niteowl: she threw it at me 
ralph: wait, monitron, you didn't take her aside and tell her first?
ralph: take her to lunch, tell her you wanted her to know first, but things happened too fastralph: make her feel special
ralph: srsly
cheesoning: rub her feet
ralph: if necessary
Niteowl: your ability to produce sincerity is creepifying ralph
ralph: thank you niteowl.
ralph: I'm eddie haskell ^ 3
stressmib: maybe take her around on the streets of paris on your vespa, one last time
ralph: milan
stressmib: visit all of the places you came to love through the power of being together
stressmib: after a good amount of montage, you'll come to the ice cream shop where you first metstressmib: however, it will have been recently shut down, in symbolic times

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