Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Palin : The Infatuation Months

liquidindian: You think Palin is attractive?
liquidindian: Genuinely~?
Niteowl: ya
twitchy: ya
stresstwig: you guys ever seen the movie teeth
twitchy: she ain't ugly
twitchy: teeth made my peepee hide for a week
stresstwig: yes, well.
stresstwig: sarah palin is the personification of vagina dentata
Niteowl: she looks like the sort of GOP repressed self-hatin' conservative who'd do all sorts of things involving ... uh.. .. uh.. conversation?
Cyrano: and mandingo-themed dildos.
Niteowl: in the same way i think princess amidala is attractive
twitchy: oh yeah ... the more repressed, the better
bigjimslade: oh yeah, after a couple of beers, I bet she's filthier than Marv Albert crossed with Bill O'Reilly

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