Monday, March 22, 2010

What Niteowl Needs More Of In His Steam Beta

niteowl: i need to know who has what game, how long they've played it
niteowl: why
niteowl: how they've rated similarly published games in th 90's by (little known but critically acclaimedin 8-bit indie retro dev circles) publishing house AmzHortzen
niteowl: what their K : D ratio is and how their over under averages have impacted further purchases in the medieval stealth coop heist genres
niteowl: where abouts they put their mouse and or ballmouse and why they have trouble turning to the left quickly and to the right accurately and up, never
niteowl: how their recent purchases on iTunes on avant garde Yo YO ma recordings are going to therefore further their performance or general perfunctory responses when playing RISK 2007 Ultimate Classic edition
niteowl: and why my pants smell like ice cream.
niteowl: OK?
niteowl: some ppl need that
niteowl: DON"T JUDGE.

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