Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Homophobia In Inebriation

Niteowl: i don't like drinks with the word 'dong' in them
Niteowl: just a thing i have
chrisd: how 'bout cocktails? it's a natural evolution.
cheesoning: "would you care for a cockdong?"
Niteowl: cockdong, no
betaray: is it rhummy?
Niteowl: ballsack, maybe
betaray: I just drink straight out of the bung hole
Cyrano: I believe that's referred to as "shrimping"
chrisd: the next two on the list are the wood eye
chrisd: (and the catamaran, but that's not nearly so amusing)
cheesoning: well, if you've ever gotten your sack snagged on a fence...
cheesoning: ...I guess it's still not amusing.
betaray: a sack snagging rarely is

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