Thursday, March 25, 2010

Animation Is EXPENSIVE.

Katya: and i started laying the moves on garrus in mass effect 2.
Katya: mmmm
Katya: scar faced catlookingsortamaybe guy
itchy: laying the moves?
Katya: gonna sex him up
itchy: and how do you do that exactly?
Katya: well i turn down the lights at home, light some cnadles
Katya: get very drunk
itchy: go on
Katya: turn on the 360 and then be unspeakably nerdy
itchy: HOT
Katya: actually i say "lets have sex"
Katya: and he says "why yes shepard, I think will have sex with you"
Katya: and then i see my head bounce up and down or something

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