Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Imagining The Coffee Tables It Would Be On, That's Scary

monitron: apparently it would be a lot of work to get me my own login
ralph: also, you have to actually exist and not be katya's multiple personality thingy
monitron: i exist, i have a facebook
KatyaAtCaribouCoffee: that means nothing anymore
monitron: ummmmm
monitron: Twitter?
ralph: QED
ralph: pass, friend
betaray: I believe in you monitron
***betaray claps as hard as he can
monitron: if I were a figment of someone's imagination I'd probably have less character flaws and be closer to my ideal weight
gordonfrohman: photos of your nutsak is the only conclusive proof you exist
gordonfrohman: hold them up next to a copy of today's paper
monitron: I can help you there!
betaray: yes, each one is like a unique snowflake, and froh is a human database of nut prints
gordonfrohman: I wonder if nutprints are unique
gordonfrohman: that'd be a nice coffee table book
ralph: front or underside?

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