Thursday, March 25, 2010

Regional Problems

liquidindian: I am currently blunting scissors in pursuit of these headphones, yes.
spruce: don't hurt yourself
niteowl: can't you just cut around the edge?
niteowl: where the two flat pieces of the plastic are welded together?
betaray: Stick it in the oven and melt it off
ralph: accept suggestions from 4 and 6k miles away, respectively
ralph: on a problem that is somewhat local
betaray: my original suggestion was to shoot a gun at it
ralph: I could send my dog over
betaray: maybe smash it with a pint glass?
niteowl: have you tried making good natured, vaguely outdoorsy verbal jabs at it?
niteowl: fur trap the case off?
Cyrano: stick it in a sheeps bladder and boil it for a while.

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