Thursday, March 25, 2010

Find The Scotsman

liquidindian: Listen to this if you need a fix of indiepop:
Niteowl: who ever needs that?
liquidindian: Me.
liquidindian: If I don't hear a jangly guitar with a fey vocal every few hours, I shrivel up and die.
bigjimslade: handy to know
chrisd: liquidindian's kryptonite
bigjimslade: never know when they might find oil in England and we have to invade
liquidindian: Um.
liquidindian: There's oil in Scotland.
Cyrano: yeah, but there's Scots there too.
liquidindian: True.
Niteowl: are you comparing Scots to IEDs?
liquidindian: IEDs are more predictable, and don't drink.

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