Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rohypnol Is EXPENSIVE, Man.

itchy left the room.
bigjimslade: way to go Cyrano
bigjimslade: you know how sensitive he is
Cyrano: I'm a squad killer.
bigjimslade: you made him bunch up his skirts and petticoats and scurry out
Cyrano: he's probably all a flutter as we speak.
Cyrano: possibly with vapors.
Niteowl: easy with the role-play guys, he's not even here
Cyrano: possibly wearing a gall gag... oh, sorry. OK.
***chrisd reminds himself never to faint near Cyrano
bigjimslade: I had been hoping he would pop right back in
bigjimslade: ah well
Cyrano: I'm very good with knots.

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