Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reportedly Kierkegaard's Questions As Well

gordonfrohman: that's a hell of a life
gordonfrohman: eating your mom's shit and then drowning in quicksand
KatyaAtCosi: that's a womp-womp if i've ever heard one
cheesoning: maybe the mom ate delicious berries.
cheesoning: womp womp.
gordonfrohman: that's gotta be an argument against god right there. who would even think something like that up, and what's wrong with the someone who does
gordonfrohman: that would be my first question
gordonfrohman: well, no. my first question for god would be "Uh, did you see me masturbating all those years?"
gordonfrohman: second would be, why create an animal that eats its mother's shit and then drown in quicksand. I mean, what the fuck, dude
gordonfrohman: are you OUT OF YOUR OMNIPRESCENT MIND

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