Thursday, March 25, 2010


cheesoning: punkassbuster
cheesoning: punkass buster
liquidindian: Who calls something 'punkbuster' anyway, ffs.
cheesoning: jerknerfer
liquidindian: Anti-cunt.
liquidindian: Sorry, peaked to soon.
cheesoning: where do you go from there, really.
cheesoning: douchedropper
spruce: nerfherder
liquidindian: Scrotesquisher
cheesoning: that could apply to anything, though
Niteowl: we talking about cheat stopping or vasectomies?
bigjimslade: yes
bigjimslade: vasectomies for some cheaters! Tiny american flags for others!
liquidindian: Vasectomies all round will stop cheating in 14 years.

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