Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do You Want Firefox To Save Your Tab Settings? yes.

Cyrano@home: Oh jeebus. I just noticed the watch has "1990" stamped on the back. I'm going to go off and crysturbate for a while.
Niteowl: that year makes you horny and sad?
Cyrano@home: that decade makes me horny and sad.
Niteowl: is it C&C Music Factory?
Cyrano@home: that was back when Mark Wahlberg had integrity, man.
Cyrano@home: and, Christ, apparently a negative body fat percentage:
Niteowl: leading cause of steroid use among males 13-25
Cyrano@home: and probably first-time masturbation of girls of about the same age.
Cyrano@home: I think I'm technically gay until I close that browser window.

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