Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cue Mug For The Camera

cheesoning: I suppose you guys haven't heard that this bill just summoned THE KRAKEN
Cyrano: i just find it weird that government can exert the power to pluck you up from what you're doing and send you off to war to possibly die, but it can't make you buy insurance?
cheesoning: so, in light of the fact that we'll all be eaten by a giant, flying dragon with 10 rows of acid soaked teeth, I think you can see why getting this 100% right was important.
Niteowl: we are very happy with our Kraken in canada, cheesoning, he's generally polite, eats innocent children only thrice a year, and isn't so picky about his aquarium
cheesoning: our Kraken has guns.
cheesoning: seems like overkill, but that's our kraken for ya

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