Wednesday, March 24, 2010

That's Extra

Qwur: i tend to associate people with other people who share the same name. or, like, you know: people named "Becky" are very "Beckyish" or summin.
liquidindian: Beckys tend to be a touch aggressive, in my experience.
Qwur: "Adrienne" = pretty sweet, like adrienne rich. "Whitney" = 1/2 amazingly beautiful and also some slut from high school whom i don't remember well.
Qwur: the only becky i knew had freckles and a wonderful smile, and i accidentally grabbed her boob in touch football.
liquidindian: What is touch football for if not grabbing boobs?
Qwur: but man, i wanted to WIN. also, she had rather large breasts, so probabilities would be that what i would touch would be more boob than not.
liquidindian: Freckles, smile, buxom.
liquidindian: Any other info?
Qwur: yeah, she almost kicked me in the nuts.
liquidindian: (eg tel number)
Qwur: oh, no.
liquidindian: Tease.

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