Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dog Kennels : Bad To The Bone

ralph: he also got bitten once kinda badly
ralph: I asked the guy how it happened and he said "well, the other dogs think he's kind of annoying"
ralph: I told him he should be a rape counsellor
bigjimslade: Hicks is a dog troll
cheesoning: did he really say that?
cheesoning: good thing you didn't find that asshole annoying, eh?
ralph: checking the blog
ralph: run by the owner. He used it to update people on how the dog was doing at the farm
ralph: MAGGIE--Maggie is a great dog and very kind with others, We love having her here and she never bothers the chickens,
ralph: HICKS- Hicks caught and killed a chicken yesterday...
ralph: yeah, kinda proud, kinda concerned
ralph: like finding out your son was having sex on school grounds

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