Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Named The DOG Shitler.

cheesoning: so, full disclosure - we're playing in TOWN - an TIME FROM DIRECTION OF CITY. My house is out that way and you're welcome to stay with us, naturally.
cheesoning: but it's a bit of a haul back
greens: Can I cuddle the new wood floors while drunk?
greens: Because if not...
cheesoning: if you can guarantee a vomit-free experience...
greens: I can't
cheesoning: meh, we're back to the Nature's Miracle discussion, then.
greens: I'll puke in the dryer. How's that
cheesoning: no bother to me, but I know someone who might take issue.
greens: Shitler?
cheesoning: no, he'd eat it.
greens: HA
cheesoning: you guys would be best friends.
greens: I'll wear him as a hat
cheesoning: you can use him to dry your hands and he can eat your vomit.
cheesoning: win/win
cheesoning: you can use him to test your food for poison.
cheesoning: man, that's three uses for that dog more than I had this morning.
greens: He sounds good for punting practice
cheesoning: too obvious

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