Thursday, March 25, 2010

You Can Organize Them Later.

itchy: oh damn, i just went to the men seeking men section on SF/Craigslist .. .was going to send cyrano a joke link ...
itchy: got a pic of a penis
cheesoning: SHOCKING!
ralph: this group is way too exclusionary for a commune
itchy: i was shocked
Niteowl: remember, yer only gay until you close that window, itchy
itchy: pleasantly shocked
itchy: i'm still looking
Niteowl: i know
Niteowl: we all know
itchy: ha
ralph: aaaaand that;s the other reason I won't be joining
Niteowl: ctrl-D, then move on
itchy: i hate you guys
Niteowl: that's no way to get pictures of our penises

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