Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fathers & Sons : Specificity

Niteowl: you played table top games with your dad?
Nicene Creed Robot: our bonding took superglue
Nicene Creed Robot: we are second gen nerd
JDHarper: Dad and I played chess and checkers and uno and all those other traditional games
Niteowl: the only thing i did with my dad were clear weeds off a rather steep embankment, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, transplant shrubs and trees, trim the massive hedge of hedginess, shovel gravel, and clean the gutter
Niteowl: and when i say 'with', i mean, he told us to do it and my brothers and i did it
spruce: are you going to overcompensate with your son, niteowl?
spruce: come on, son, your old man can play hopscotch, too!
Niteowl: no, imma work him harder
Niteowl: warm feelings are not meant to be between father and son
Cyrano: look what turning that wheel did for Conan.
Niteowl: overt feelings of hostility, betrayal, judgement, distaste and disappointment, maybe.
spruce: but pressure him into taking some weirdly specific and not very profitable career, niteowl
spruce: telephone sanitizer, bowling ball auto-buffer attendent
JDHarper: really, anything in the bowling industry will work
Niteowl: that goes without saying
JDHarper: pinsetter repairman
Niteowl: i'll spend a fortune on lessons just for that job
Niteowl: or like
cheesoning: ball patcher
Niteowl: 5. 1/4" floppy drive installer
spruce: VCR repairman
Nicene Creed Robot: reel to reel
Nicene Creed Robot: aim higher
Cyrano: laserdisk repairman
Nicene Creed Robot: punch card organizer
spruce: pretty much any career Sally Struthers would coax you to train in.
Cyrano: gun repair!
cheesoning: 1-ton, 5 MB hard drive mover.
Cyrano: wait, you don't want him knowing how to use guns...
Nicene Creed Robot: he would rule canida with that the knowledge of guns
JDHarper: mounties ride away in terror
Nicene Creed Robot: i think that was the third tree in Eden
Nicene Creed Robot: tree of the knowledge of guns

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