Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vacation Activities

gordonfrohman: I'm gonna be in Maui in September
gordonfrohman: if anyone wants to meet there
gordonfrohman: though I will be drunk and getting massages most of the week
bigjimslade: both of which I have seen before
cheesoning: get a room
Cyrano: that's where he saw it
cheesoning: (again, apparently)
bigjimslade: though you might not remember the latter, you were drunk, and Bob was right there...
cheesoning: is it getting warm in here?
gordonfrohman: that wasn't a massage
gordonfrohman: massage implies consent and the use of hands
bigjimslade: heheheh ewwwww eww ew ew ew heheheh
Cyrano: fine, "cockslap" if you're going to get technical about it.

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