Sunday, April 11, 2010

That's It!

cheesoning: man, I had a dream about an old UT map last night.
cheesoning: can't remember which one now.
cheesoning: but I might reload UT just to try and figure it out
stresstwig: was it gray and slightly metallic
stresstwig: or gray and slightly rocky
cheesoning: That's IT!
stresstwig: was there a courtyard
cheesoning: there was a specific mechanic that I can't quite remember
stresstwig: guns
cheesoning: THAt's IT!
stresstwig: well, the map is standing right behind you, it wants you to know that everything is okay
cheesoning: get out of my dreams!
Niteowl: and into your car?
cheesoning: I do have candy.
Niteowl: have we hit rule 34 so soon?
JDHarper - Laptop: skipped right past rules 1 through 33

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