Sunday, April 11, 2010

LoL : LoL

KatyaAtCaribouCoffee: did you see the new warwick skin
KatyaAtCaribouCoffee: the awesome awesome warwick skin
KatyaAtCaribouCoffee: hilarious
Niteowl: what am i looking at?
Niteowl: it does a redirect to some.. video.
KatyaAtCaribouCoffee: just click continue
Niteowl: oh wow, up at the top, nice
KatyaAtCaribouCoffee: yeah like most sites
Niteowl: WHAT AREYO UIMPLYING KatyaAtCaribouCoffee!?
cheesoning: I think she's saying you're fat.
Niteowl: that i'm stupid and ill-suited for the internet and have all the intellectual capacity of a half-digested trout in a septic pond?!
cheesoning: or that.

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