Monday, April 12, 2010

Oohhh Kettle Corn!

niteowl: oh stresstwig
niteowl: you promised to make veiled posts about TQ without naming the game
stresstwig: no I didn't
stresstwig: you said "we should make veiled posts about tq without naming the game"
stresstwig: and I chuckled
niteowl: then you said, 'i'm so gonna do it'
stresstwig: i don't know how binding contracts work where you're from, BUT A CHUCKLE AINT A YES
JDHarper - Laptop: it's the Canadian Chuckle Clause
ralph: no, no it isn't
ralph: unless you're a bystander at a group rape
stresstwig: civil war de-enactments
stresstwig: all spears all the time
stresstwig: hot hot hot
stresstwig: sunday, sunday, sunday
stresstwig: free towels to the first 200 visitors

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