Sunday, April 11, 2010

Star Wars Humour

stresstwig: huh.
betaray: wow
betaray: luckily he's had so much success with that idea in the past
JDHarper: you'd think that star wars humor is a pretty well-picked-over field by now
gordonfrohman: I think our definition of star wars humor probably doesn't match his
gordonfrohman: ours being "Can you believe this frog-necked fuck and his stupid shit?" and his being "So this jawa falls over and goes "BO PAY NEE"
gordonfrohman: Jedi enters
gordonfrohman: JEDI: "Mooooom! Have you seen my lighsaber?"
gordonfrohman: MOM: "You know those things are bad for your teeth!"
gordonfrohman: JEDI: I said lightsaber, not life savers!"
gordonfrohman: AUDIENCE: *laughs, smattering of applause*
gordonfrohman: Darth vader enters through door, kramer style. long pause for applause
gordonfrohman: VADER: I am your father!
gordonfrohman: MOM: Then where's my child support check?
gordonfrohman: AUDIENCE: WOOOOOOOO!
gordonfrohman: and so forth
gordonfrohman: I did that for free and some jewbag harvard grad is gonna get paid a fortune
chundo : i think someone called me that in-game last week
JDHarper: a harvard grad?
betaray: a russian harvard grad

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