Monday, April 12, 2010

If You Must Know, Machete Jackson Is A Very Caring And Attentive Lover

JDHarper: I remember taking the subway last time, which took much longer than I expected it to
JDHarper: from JFK
Niteowl: man, taking a real NYC subway... i'm not sure i'm up to the task
ralph: oh for chrissake niteowl, you're 6'5" 240, who's gonna fuck with you
Niteowl: uhm
Niteowl: what.
Niteowl: i'm 200 5'8", mostly quivering man boob
ralph: oh my god you're gonna get killed
ralph: hire Angela Bassett
cheesoning: I think he might take a lover!
cheesoning: right there on the subway

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