Sunday, April 11, 2010


spruce: so are all the guns in BF2 based off of real guns?
bigjimslade: yeah
spruce: some of them are pretty attractive
cheesoning: Hey! Welcome to America!
cheesoning: (The U.S. of)
spruce: I know. That's what I was saying to itchy earlier, that I'm getting disturbed by how appealing these guns look to me.
cheesoning: you know, if you stop for a triple burger and shake on the way to walmart to buy your first gun, you don't have to take the citizenship exam.
ralph: they're tremendously satisfying to fire, smell, handle
ralph: the problem arises when you feel powerless and resentful
ralph: and they begin to talk to you
Niteowl: so, the moment you walk into a gun shop
cheesoning: "Three days?! But I'm angry NOW!" - Homer Simpson
Niteowl: or an appropriately supplied Wal Mart?

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