Saturday, April 10, 2010

In Other News, Real Estate Prices Increased by 2% This Afternoon

ralph: got short haircut 'cause I'm gonna be traveling
ralph: just went on walk with dog
ralph: old (white woman) said "Glad to see you in the neighborhood"
ralph: that's not good
spruce: that's an odd thing to say
ralph: I have cyrano disease--look like a cop
ralph: and don't dress hip
spruce: cyrano looks like a cop?
JDHarper: i think it's the haircut
ralph: cyrano looks like an undercover cop like you wouldn't believe
ralph: when in the middle of brooklyn
spruce: I'd more towards mafia heavy
ralph: wry cynicism + haircut
ralph: felt like there was a target on my back all the way home
ralph: also, I made two arrests

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