Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beards, Coercion

cheesoning: yeah, you're nearly in ZZ Top land.
spruce: I'd like my wife to retain a shred of sexual desire for me while we're still young and my tubbiness half-sabotages that to begin with.
bigjimslade: but that stellar self-esteem makes up for it
spruce: I'll be honest, a lot of guys have expressed admiration for my beard, both gay and straight, but what does that net me in the long run, really?
ralph: a double -gauge a-hole and a pocket full of phone numbers
cheesoning: yeah, you could turn a guy.
cheesoning: (not sure why I followed him down that spider hole.)
cheesoning: ((I feel so easily coerced today.))
stresstwig: here, why don't you sit down with these pictures of topless men and sun bathe
cheesoning: I really don't want to, but okay.

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