Monday, April 12, 2010

Someone Just Mention A D20 And We Can Call It A Wrap

KatyaInDaPartyRoom: faux
KatyaInDaPartyRoom: stress and i were talking..
KatyaInDaPartyRoom: i think we shouldn't let chundo play pantheon anymore unless he buys the he-man skin
KatyaInDaPartyRoom: it'll work if we have solidarity
Faux Real: ok
KatyaInDaPartyRoom: do we have your steel, stress?
KatyaInDaPartyRoom: we have faux's axe
KatyaInDaPartyRoom: and my bow
stresstwig: i've got a spatula
stresstwig: but that's all I can really give up right now
Faux Real: i have a fish
Niteowl: i have a inexplicably salted macaroon
spruce: I have orange pulp on my fingers
stresstwig: i've got a twelve sided die

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